The Saturdays Love Cover Drive's Single 'Lick Ya Down'

Rochelle and Mollie have revealed 'Lick Ya Down' by Cover Drive is the song they wished was a Saturdays single.

When 'All Fired Up' stars The Saturdays were asked which single from 2011 they wished they'd recorded, the girls all agreed on Cover Drive's debut song.

"I would record 'Lick Ya Down' by Cover Drive. It's such a good song," Rochelle said.

"It did well but I think it should have done better. It's a huge hit."

"I thought it would be a No. 1," added Mollie.

The Saturdays, who just missed out on a No. 1 single with 'All Fired Up', also said JLS' 'She Makes Me Wanna' and Adele's 'Someone Like You' were among their favourite songs of the year.