8 Essential 'The Saturdays' Moves To Help You In Every Day Life

12 August 2014, 20:43 | Updated: 27 March 2017, 16:31

The Saturdays - 'Not Giving Up' Official Video sti

There's no questioning these girls can dance! So here's Capital's guide of how to work their amazing moves into your daily routine!

1. Washing your hair normally in the shower is so 2013! Why not take a leaf out of the girls' book and splash it up?

2. When you're all washed and ready to go, your walk to the train must be perfectly synchronised!

3. The train's packed! Make sure you protect your space and save yourself from that sweaty man's armpit with a smooth arm stretch!

4. You've made it to work/school - forget about just sitting at your desk normally, it's all about synchronising with everyone around you! (We tried this, it really takes some practice!)

5. We know how it is, it's still not lunch time and someone's already annoyed you. Instead of a subtle huff, make your feelings clearly with an exaggerated head sway! (It works, and it's pure sass!)

6. Right, the day is DONE! Time to find your mates - make it clear you're on the search!

7. When you've found 'em, it's all about getting back in sync and enjoy freedom!

8. Don't forget, ANY household routine can become a dance! Changing a light bulb? No problem! The girls have your moves covered!


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