Una Healy Baby Picture: The Saturdays' Star Poses With Daughter Aoife Belle

2 April 2012, 16:46

The 'All Fired Up' star opens up about birth during interview with Hello! magazine.

Una Healy has released the first official picture of her baby, Aoife Belle.

The Saturdays' star and her England rugby player boyfriend Ben Foden unveiled their new born in this week's Hello magazine.

In an interview accompanying the pictures, Una revealed their life had changed dramatically since the birth in March.

She said: "What with the feeding and the changing, and the visitors and the hours we spend just gazing at her, taking in every little expression, it's never dull.

"During the night, I'll wake up, even when she’s sound asleep, and sneak a peek. She'll be lying there, with her tiny hands up by her face – she's so ladylike - and my heart could burst with love for her."

Una baby

Una and Ben also revealed during their interview that the birth had been a traumatic experience when Aoife started choking.

"I was screaming. It was the worst moment of my life," Una said.

'There's this precious little person who you would die for and you just can't bear to think of anything happening to her."

The latest issue of Hello magazine is on sale now.

Hello Magazine with Una healy