The Saturdays' Mollie Is 'All Fired Up' Over Gary Barlow

Mollie confesses to a crush on The X Factor judge.

Despite having a supermodel boyfriend in David Gandy, Mollie King told Capital she has a bit of a soft spot for Simon Cowell's replacement on The X Factor.

"I think Gary Barlow, I didn't expect to fancy him, but I actually do," Mollie revealed.

"Did you see him when he kicked the guy off the stage?

"That was hot. I was like, 'Go Gary'."

Mollie's fellow Saturdays also approve of the new X Factor line-up, despite a missing Cheryl Cole, with Frankie showing a lot of love for Tulisa and Kelly Rowland.

"I love them, I think they make the best little crew," Frankie told us.

"I was a bit worried for them that everybody would be against them before they've even given them a chance.

"And I've gotta say I was a little bit like, without Simon, without Cheryl, is there really a show?

"But I think (the new judges) could be better because Kelly and Tulisa have such a good girl chemistry. They're mouthy and you know you've got a serious side to them as well."

The Saturdays' new single 'All Fired Up' is out now, and their UK tour kicks off in November.

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