Twenty One Pilots' fans broke the "quiet game" record

12 March 2019, 16:55

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

A new city has taken the crown for staying silent the longest on Twenty One Pilots' Bandito tour.

If you've seen Twenty One Pilots on tour recently, you'll know they've been playing the hilarious "quiet game" with their fans.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have been taking their latest album TRENCH out on the Banditø world tour and to spice things up a little they invented the "quiet game" where their fans are challenged to be silent for as long as possible. Tyler and Josh stand at the front of the stage and start the clock. As you might imagine, the silence doesn't last for long.

Some places have faired better than others. Dublin managed the grand total of 0.00 seconds. While, in comparison, Geneva had a lengthy 5 second total.

Well there's a new record holder in town, and it's Paris. The band shared a video on their Instagram of the new record-holders in action in Paris last night (March 11).

Paris managed to stay silent for a whole 5.21 seconds. Incredible scenes.

They certainly put London to shame who, on one evening during a three night run at Wembley, managed a paltry 1.17 seconds. Sad!

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Twenty One Pilots' tour hasn't been without controversy. After their recent stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the band were criticised for their use of balaclavas in the show.

The head of the Traditional Unionist Voice party, Jim Allister, called out the band for glamorising terrorism by wearing them on stage, saying: "Balaclavas are the stock-in-trade images of terrorism in this part of the world, so to don them at this sort of event inevitably has the consequence of sanitising or glamorising that with which they are associated in this part of the world, namely terrorism.

"Whatever they thought they were doing, this is hardly the sort of imagery that Belfast needs. Balaclavas still speak loudly in Northern Ireland of the evils of terrorism - with many still struggling to cope with the devastation and murder wrought by balaclava-clad killers. I would be very surprised if nobody associated with this operation has any knowledge of the Troubles."

The band are yet to respond to Allister's comments but TØP fans from Northern Ireland rushed to the bands defence.

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