Stormzy Is 100% Going To Make Music With Love Island's Chris & Kem And We Have The Definitive Proof

25 July 2017, 10:49 | Updated: 25 July 2017, 10:53

Kem and Chris collaborate with Stormzy

Shall we start a petition to get it to number one?

Let’s be real for a second: the real winners of Love Island are Chris and Kem. 

Because, that bromance is real.

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Seriously, we’re pretty sure they’re the third wheels in each others relationships.

… that said, the girls knew that when they got with them. 

However, it seems that now Stormzy wants a piece of the action and has invited Chris and Kem to write some music with him! 

Stormzy is a through and through Love Island fan and even made a cameo on the show when the boys were rehearsing for the talent show. 

Now that Kem has gotten his Twitter back, he tweeted to the rapper writing, “My absolute guyyyyy” before asking if they could write some music together.

Naturally, Stormzy is totally on board and quickly tweeted back, “Bro as soon as I’m back from Aus I’m coming to link you straight away serious”. 



Fear not though, Chris is also invited.

What about Marcel? 

Watch this space. 

We wonder how Olivia feels about it, particularly after their awkward encounter...