Scouting For Girls

On a sweltering Saturday night, Scouting For Girls turned up the temperature even higher with an entertainment-filled 70 minute masterclass.

Scouting For Girls lit up the faces of nearly 400 people in London Bridge with a set which saw them mix tracks from their debut album, along with some songs paying homage to Carly Simon and Elvis Presley thrown in for good measure.

From the moment that the opening bars of album track 'Holiday' filled the room, the crowd clapped, smiled, sung and danced with the band while lapping up lead singer Roy's every word. Notable highlights included the performance of album track 'Glastonbury' which saw the crowd singing along in an almost festival-like spirit, and a quirky chant-along to 80s cartoon character He-Man's catchphrases.

Of course the singles went down well too -  new single 'It's Not About You' drew a rapturous response, while 'Elvis Ain't Dead' saw the crowd clap-o-meter swing into overdrive.

The anthemic 'She's So Lovely' was the clear favourite on the night, and to milk every second of applause, the boys played the bridge and the final chorus of the song again, which the crowd duly appreciated! Not a bad Saturday evening truth be told!