Rixton Talk Hot Tub Memories With Ed Sheeran, ‘Wait On Me’ Video And Nude Photos!

9 September 2014, 16:02 | Updated: 9 September 2014, 16:03

Rixton reveal all about their new music video, hanging out with Ed Sheeran in a hot tub and what they’d do if their nudes leaked on the internet!

Rixton’s smash hit first single ‘Me And My Broken Heart’ feels forever ago, but the boys are back with their second single ‘Wait On Me’ – and they have been very busy in the mean time!

As well as touring around America and performing shows all over the world – the boys were jetting off to Shanghai right after our interview – they’ve managed to squeeze in time to film their next video!

The boys revealed that the video for ‘Wait On Me’ had a Great Gatsby theme, and that they had shot a few videos for the song, including a live performance.


But it’s not all work and no play for the lads, they also managed to find some time to hang out with Ed Sheeran in a hot tub, as you do!

Jake revealed, “Ed just came round at like three in the morning and I think we just got in the swimming pool and then just chilled in the hot tub and just chatted about life and stuff.”

Jake also joked,  “There was just too many women and I couldn’t hear what he was saying.”


And with last week’s iCloud leak, we couldn’t resist asking the boys what we would find if someone were to hack into their phones… 

Jake revealed, “We have our own WhatsApp group and we pride ourselves on the most ridiculous selfies, I’m talking 47 chins, and we just send them round constantly. So it would just be hundreds and hundreds of them!”

But would they own up to a nude snap if it did appear on the net like Calum Hood from 5 Seconds Of Summer? Jake is DEFINITELY not shy! He told us, “It depends how it looked. I’d probably admit it, but I love nudity. I don’t really care but I’m naked all the time. I’m naked under these clothes. So yeah, I wouldn’t mind.”


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