A Rubber Chicken And Handcuffs?! Rixton Guess The Objects Lewi Carries In His Rucksack

11 July 2014, 11:20 | Updated: 24 July 2014, 10:11

Shrouded in mystery, Lewi's rucksack is the talk of every interview they do. We got the other boys to delve into the bag to guess the objects whilst blindfolded - there were some pretty special things in there!

Lewi from Rixton is notoriously secretive about what he carries around in his backpack, but we managed to convince the man himself to open up his rucksack for Capital - and you'll NEVER guess what we found in there! 

The rest of the band had to don their finest Ann Summers fluffy eye masks to have a dip into the bag and guess what was lying within… 

Who knows why Lewi needs to carry a rubber chicken around with him every day - but it seems that it doubles up as a rather dangerous weapon when in the hands of Jake Roche…

DISCLAIMER: The rucksack may not have ACTUALLY contained Lewi's personal possessions, the REAL contents still remain a mystery. Darn it! 

‘Me and My Broken Heart’ is out on Sunday.