Does Drake have a Rihanna tattoo or is it Robin Givens?

20 June 2019, 13:16

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Fans can't work out if Drake has an arm tattoo of Rihanna or Robin Givens in a new Instagram photo...

Drake just showed off an arm tattoo on Instagram and now the entire internet is confused: Is it Rihanna or Robin Givens?

Drake is no stranger to celebrity tattoos. The 32-year-old rapper has multiple famous faces inked on his body including huge stars like Aaliyah, Sade and Lil Wayne. He even has a tattoo of his father Dennis Graham on his arm. Amazing. However, the most mysterious tattoo of all is one which has just gone viral. Fans can't work out if the tattoo is of his longterm friend (and ex-girlfriend?) Rihanna or actress Robin Givens. The tattoo is dividing fans thanks to a new Instagram photo.

Is Drake's arm tattoo of Rihanna or Robin Givens?

Does Drake have a Rihanna tattoo or is Robin Givens on his arm?
Does Drake have a Rihanna tattoo or is Robin Givens on his arm? Picture: Kevin Mazur via Getty Images // Prince Williams via Getty Images

Fans of Drake will know that he and Rihanna reportedly dated, on and off between 2009 and 2016. The two of them regularly collaborated with each other too, so the idea of Drake having a Rihanna tattoo isn't that wild. Plus, despite the tattoo getting attention now because of Drake's recent Instagram photo, he got it in 2016. 2016 was the same year in which he declared his love for Rihanna at the VMAs. He said: "She's a woman I've been in love with since I was 22 years old."

Rihanna and Drake even got matching Shark tattoos in 2016 following the VMAs.

Check out the tattoo and comparisons below.

The initial tweeted garnered over 25,000 retweets and 125,000 likes so it seems like a lot of the internet think the tattoo is of Rihanna. However, even in 2016, people were convinced that it wasn't of RiRi but fellow living legend Robin Givens instead. Robin is of course the critically-acclaimed actress best-known for her roles in TV shows like Head of the Class as Darleen and, more recently, Riverdale as Sierra McCoy. There is a photo of Robin which is identical to the tattoo.

The evidence in favour of Robin Givens.

The resemblance is uncanny but it doesn't explain the fact that Drake appears to have very little connection to Robin IRL. That being said, he could just be massive fan of her work. Or is there more? Do Robin and Drake have legit history? The mystery remains.

As it stands, Drake is yet to confirm who the tattoo is supposed to be of. We shall update you if he ever does.

Who do you think the tattoo is of?