Celebrities Doing PSY's 'Gangnam Style' Dance Routine - Video Playlist

29 January 2013, 11:21 | Updated: 29 January 2013, 14:05

Check out our video playlist of some of the world's biggest stars trying their hand at the biggest dance sensation in years.

PSY's breakthrough single 'Gangnam Style' has taken the world by storm and celebrities across the globe have been trying their hand at the song's now iconic dance routine.

The song has made PSY one of the most talked about pop stars of the moment and brought K-Pop to the forefront of the music world, with the singer's 'Gangnam Style' music video having currently racked up a total of 1.2 billion views on YouTube alone.

Join Capital as we take a look at the stars who have been giving their lasso a twirl in honour of the South Korean pop sensation including everyone from The Wanted to Madonna and Heidi Klum to Hugh Jackman!

Back in November 2012 the Queen of Pop Madonna herself memorably tried her hand at the 'Gangnam Style' dance when PSY emerged out of a stage trapdoor during her live concert at New York's Madison Square Garden during her performance of 'Give It To Me'
Little Mix
The X Factor 2011 winners Little Mix have been making huge waves in the industry over the past year with hit singles like 'Wings' and 'DNA'. The girls must also have been working hard on their dance moves as you can see in this clip of Little Mix giving their best impression of the irrepressible PSY's worldwide smash.
Back in October last year 'Gangnam Style' was even given the Glee treatment when the FOX musical series' stars covered it in the November episode Thanksgiving for the glee club's sectional competition. The show's cover of PSY's mega hit saw series star Jenna Ushkowitz taking on lead vocals with all of the New Directions trying their hand at the 'Gangnam Style' dance.
Ashleigh & Pudsey

In January 2013 Britain's Got Talent stars Ashleigh & Pudsey became the latest celebrities to give the 'Gangnam Style 'dance a go when they performing the song as part of their routine at the National Television Awards. Performing dog Pudsey got a huge cheer from the audience when he perfected PSY's famous pony dance!

MC Hammer
PSY united on stage with another dance idol at the American Music Awards 2012 when he was joined by MC Hammer for a mash-up of 'Gangnam Style' and '2 Legit 2 Quit' to a massive reaction from the live audience.
Hugh Jackman
Back in October 2012 Hugh Jackman got to meet PSY in person while shooting scenes for The Wolverine, and was even taught the infamous 'Gangnam Style' dance by its originator (while wearing his Wolverine claws, naturally).
Heidi Klum
To celebrate hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 supermodel Heidi Klum got into the spirit of things by teaming with PSY to perform the dance as part of the opening montage of the show. Heidi and PSY dressed up in identical powder blue tuxedos while performing their moves on two travelators!
Britney Spears
Just as 'Gangnam Style' started to achieve its worldwide fame PSY got to teach the original pop princess Britney Spears his famous dance in person. The 'Scream & Shout' singer was given a personal lesson by the star while filming an episode of The Ellen Show alongside host Ellen DeGeneres!
Andrew Garfield
The Amazing Spiderman star Andrew Garfield proves performing the 'Gangnam Style' is no difficult task for him when he cracked out the famous pony moves while being challenged to pull off several different famous dances on The Ellen Show last year. Andrew was trying to raise money for charity and also managed to please the crowd with his take on several different dancing styles! PSY would be proud!
The Wanted
At a pre-shot party for the MTV Video Music Awards 2012 The Wanted surprised their fans by bringing PSY out on stage and joining him to perform 'Gangnam Style' much to the joy of all the 'Glad You Came' stars' fans in attendance.