Pitbull: "Music Is The Universal Language"

27 February 2012, 14:49 | Updated: 27 February 2012, 15:03

The 'Give Me Everything' rapper believes music allows people to forget the differences between them.

Pitbull says his collaborations with artists like Chris Brown and Ne-Yo show that music "brings us together".

The Cuban-American rapper performed alongside both artist at the NBA All-Star game in Orlando, Florida last weekend (26th February), and claims he sees music as being a "universal language".

"For me, what it's about is showing that music is the universal language," Pitbull told MTV News on Sunday. "It shows you that no matter where you're from, what you represent, where you grew up or no matter what your culture or background may be, music brings everybody together.

"To have Chris Brown come out, to have Ne-Yo come out, Nayer come out – we're all from different backgrounds, but music brings us together."

During his NBA All-Star performance Pitbull treated the audience to medley of his biggest hits including 'Rain Over Me', 'International Love' and 'Give Me Everything'.