Liam Payne admits "there's no real reason" for One Direction to still talk

23 September 2019, 16:05


By PopBuzz

In an interview with WIRED, Liam Payne admitted that he didn't have much in common with some of his former One Direction bandmates back in the day.

It's been almost four years since One Direction went on hiatus. After a string of successful albums, tours, and endless love from an adoring international fan base, the fellas decided to take time off from the boy band scene to pursue solo careers. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have all released music as solo artists, but they still get asked about their One Direction days during interviews.

Liam recently answered the internet's most searched questions for the popular WIRED video series and he got brutally honest about his current relationship with some of his former bandmates.

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One Direction Performs On ABC&squot;s "Good Morning America"
One Direction Performs On ABC's "Good Morning America". Picture: Getty

"I keep in touch with most of them. I think other people just want their space," Liam explained. "And also, you know, we worked together for five years. Some of us, we didn't really have that much in common except for that we had a job together. Now that we don't have that job together anymore, there's not really any real reason for us to talk. Which is fine. That's just the way people are, really."

Though that might sound a touch harsh, it's actually a pretty mature outlook on the situation, despite what fans might have hoped was the reality of their friendships.

Out of all the boys, it would appear that Liam has remained closest to Louis over the years, despite recently admitting that they "hated each other" back in the day. The pair even appeared in an episode Gogglebox last year for Stand Up To Cancer.

Liam did also offer some hope about the boys getting back together, saying: "It's a matter of when at the moment."

He continued: "It's more to do with where some other people in the band's heads are at with it, to be honest with you."

You can check out Liam's other illuminating answers in the full WIRED interview below.

Liam Payne Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

WELL! There you go. It'll happen when it happens and not a moment sooner.