All the unreleased Sour songs Olivia Rodrigo has already teased on TikTok

14 April 2021, 13:06

Olivia Rodrigo does the Déjà Vu challenge

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Here are all the songs that fans think Olivia Rodrigo has already shared previews of from her new album.

Olivia Rodrigo's album Sour comes out on May 21st and it looks like she's already posted demos of lots of the new songs online.

Yesterday (Apr 13), Olivia Rodrigo unveiled the tracklist and title for her highly anticipated debut album. Sour contains the hit singles 'Drivers License' and 'Deja Vu', as well as nine brand new songs. 'Brutal', 'Traitor', '1 Step Forward. 3 Steps Back', 'Good 4 U', 'Enough for You', 'Happier', 'Jealousy. Jealousy', 'Favorite Crime' and 'Hope Ur Ok' are yet to be released.

However, fans think that Olivia has already shared videos of her performing many of the unreleased songs on social media. With that in mind, here are just a few of the upcoming Olivia songs that you can already hear in demo form online now.

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Olivia Rodrigo Sour: Listen to all the unreleased songs she's teased on TikTok
Olivia Rodrigo Sour: Listen to all the unreleased songs she's teased on TikTok. Picture: Geffen Records

1) Brutal

None of the songs Olivia has posted online so far contain the word 'brutal' in the lyrics. That being said, Olivia has posted a few demos that have brutal lyrics. In 'Apocalyptic Crush', one of the fan favourites, she sings about a girl trying to steal her boyfriend and says that he would only like her if "there was no one left on earth".

There's also 'Pay Grade' in which she calls out a toxic ex who wants her to be his mother, therapist and girlfriend all in one. She sings: "I'm not gonna make you change / That's above my pay grade babe".

Olivia Rodrigo Brutal lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Brutal lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

apocalyptic crush - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

pay grade - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

2) Traitor

In a recent note to UK fans, Olivia wrote: "I'm not sure if my obsession with Twilight is an embarrassing trait or not" and fans think that it's an easter egg. In other words, 'Traitor' must have something to do with Twilight. Coincidentally, Olivia teased a song called 'Twilight' and inspired by Twilight in quarantine last year.

The lyrics seem to be about when Edward and Bella first met but it's currently unclear how the word 'traitor' ties into it if it's the same song.

Olivia Rodrigo Traitor lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Traitor lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

twilight - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

3) Driver's License

The iconic record-breaking breakup ballad that we all know off by heart by now.

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

4) 1 Step Forwards. 3 Steps Back

There are currently no Olivia snippets online yet with this title in the lyrics. However, here is a snippet of one of Olivia's most popular demos online. She debuted 'Gross' in May 2020 and fans think it's a love song she wrote when she was allegedly dating Joshua Bassett before they allegedly split and he allegedly moved on with Sabrina Carpenter.

In it, Olivia sings: 'Not long ago when I saw you there / With your brown-eyed grin and your messy hair' and 'Driving in your car I feel so grown up'. She later adds: "I like you so much it's kinda gross". The song is probably no longer on the LP for obvious reasons but it remains a bop and the demo has over 1.7 million views on YouTube.

We imagine that '1 Step Forwards. 3 Steps Back' will be a completely new song.

Olivia Rodrigo One Step Forward Three Steps Back lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo One Step Forward Three Steps Back lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

gross (full version) - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

5) Deja Vu

Brilliant! Talented! Showstopping! Spectacular!

Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu (Official Video)

6) Good 4 U

This one appears to be the final version of demo called 'Crazy!' that Olivia previously performed online. In a note to her fans in Germany, Olivia included the phrase "good! 4 you" and the word "crazy" and the lyrics are all about trying to making yourself good enough for someone you fancy.

In the chorus, Olivia sings: "Am I crazy in love or just crazy?"

Olivia Rodrigo Good 4 U lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Good 4 U lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

crazy! - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

7) Enough for You

Fans reckon that this song could be a song that Olivia previously teased called 'White Flowers'. Olivia mentions 'heaven' in a letter to her Spanish fans and includes the line "enough for you r support" in the note. In her 'White Flowers' snippet, Olivia sings about losing herself in love and uses the word 'heaven'.

In the course, Olivia sings: 'Losing yourself in someone isn't heaven, it's hell'.

Olivia Rodrigo Enough For You lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Enough For You lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

white flowers - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

8) Happier

This one seems like a dead cert. Track 8 is called 'Happier' and Olivia has already teased a song called 'Happier'. In the clip online, Olivia sings about wishing that an ex who has moved on from her is happy with their new girlfriend.

The lyrics go: 'I hope you're happy but not like how you were with me / I'm selfish I know I can't let you go / so find someone great but don't find no one better / I hope you're happy but don't be happier'.

Olivia Rodrigo Happier lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Happier lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

happier- olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

9) Jealousy. Jealousy

None of Olivia's teaser snippets so far include the word 'jealousy' but she has a couple of songs in which she sings openly about being jealous of someone else. In 'Never Be Like Her', she sings about being jealous of a girl her ex is dating and it contains some striking lyrical similarities to 'Drivers License', leading fans to believe that it could be about Sabrina.

Olivia sings: "blonde hair falls just above her shoulder / she's 19 but she looks a little older". In the chorus she then adds: "I'll never be like her, not even if I tried / I'll never be cooler, not even if I lied / oh, she's whole where I'm broken / and she's great when I'm good / And I'll never be like her but you know I wish I could".

It's possible that 'Jealousy. Jealousy' could be a completely new song though.

Olivia Rodrigo Jealousy Jealousy lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Jealousy Jealousy lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

never be like her - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

10) Favorite Crime

It didn't take long for fans to find a match for this song. In a previous demo called 'Victim', Olivia sings "let me be the victim of your perfect crime" in the chorus. It seems likely that she's just changed the lyric from perfect crime to 'favorite crime'.

The song is about being "selfish" in love and wanting the person your dating to do something wrong too.

Olivia Rodrigo Favorite Crime lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Favorite Crime lyrics. Picture: Geffen Records

victim - olivia rodrigo (lyrics)

11) Hope Ur Ok

There doesn't seem to be a relevant teaser snippet for this one yet, and there isn't even a letter to go with it so we imagine that it will be a brand new song.

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What do you think? Have you spotted any others?