Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Meaning Behind 'Wet' Lyrics

The song is "not filth" says Nicole Scherzinger, as she reveals the real meaning of those 'Wet' lyrics.

Nicole's single 'Wet' had some people questioning the saucy nature of the lyrics, but Nicole says they're totally clean.

"It's not filth... this song is just rocking out to me," Nicole told Capital.

"I'm such a rocker at heart and I actually started out in a rock band so it's talking about raving and going hard...

"'Wet' is just like, it's just fun and it just makes you wanna wile out and it's a fun song to rock out to."

New judge on The X Factor in the US, Nicole Scherzinger is currently in the UK to launch a new shopping centre in London.

Her new single 'Wet' is out to buy and download now.