Nicole Scherzinger "deeply hurt" by X Factor fix claims

Nic hits back at her ex-manager's claims that Cheryl Cole's sacking was rigged.

After Nicole Scherzinger replaced Cheryl Cole on the US X factor judging panel, the 'Right There' singer's former manager claimed Cheryl's hiring and firing was used purely to create "hype" and gain publicity for the show.

Nic's former manager Jeff Haddad, who managed the ex-Pussycat Doll for thirteen years, said Nicole was always lined up to be a judge on the show but she says that's a lie. 

"I was very hurt by that," Nicole said. 

"It unfortunately goes to show how much he doesn't know... 

"All the powers that be have no idea who he is. He wasn't involved."

Nicole categorically denied Jeff's allegations in a chat with US presenter Kidd Kraddick, and said the situation has been complicated but hopes X Factor viewers will judge her on her merit on the show.

'It was a hard process for me and I'm sure for Cheryl...' Nicole shared. 

'I'll let my heart and what I do best speak for itself. And in the end all the other stuff's rubbish.'