Nicole Scherzinger's 'Killer Love' Delayed Until 2012

17 November 2011, 15:45

The 'Try With Me' singer's record label confirm her revamped LP will no longer be released this year.

Nicole Scherzinger's repackaged debut album has been officially delayed until 2012.

Earlier this week the 'Wet' singer suggested on Twitter that 'Killer Love' would no longer make its December release date and record label Interscope have now confirmed the delay.

"You know what, I've been waiting for it so long, I don't even care about a couple more months," Nicole told The Hollywood Reporter yesterday (16th November).

"What's the difference? It's coming out when it's ready to come out."

Nicole suggested her duties as Over-25s judge on The X Factor US may be partially to blame for the album's unexpected delay.

"[It is] taking up a lot more of my time than I anticipated," she explained. "I want to make sure that when I put my album out, I have the time to devote to promoting it."

The former Pussycat Dolls singer previously pushed the album's US release back from November to a date in December.

'Killer Love' launched in the UK in March but has been repackaged for its US release with several bonus tracks as well as her new single 'Try With Me'.