Cardi B "pulls up" on a Nicki Minaj fan to "fight" over Karol G 'Tusa' feud

8 November 2019, 16:49

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The feud started on Twitter after Cardi B hinted that she'd rejected an offer to feature on Karol G and Nicki Minaj's song 'Tusa'.

Cardi B has confronted a Nicki Minaj fan in the streets of New York after she engaged in an extensive online feud with them.

It all started when Cardi B appeared to take shots at Nicki Minaj on Twitter last night (Nov 7). Earlier this week, Nicki revealed that she would be releasing a collaboration with Colombian star Karol G. The two stars dropped 'Tusa' today (Nov 8).

So far so normal, except Cardi B appeared to throw shade at Nicki by claiming that she was offered a chance to feature on the song before Nicki but rejected it. In a now-deleted tweet, Cardi wrote: "Cause I passed on it... now sip on that".

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Unsurprisingly, this tweet angered the Barbz and it soon escalated into Cardi "pulling up" on one of Nicki's fans in person.

Cardi B "pulls up" on Nicki Minaj fan to "fight" following Karol G &squot;Tusa&squot; feud
Cardi B "pulls up" on Nicki Minaj fan to "fight" following Karol G 'Tusa' feud. Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Recording Academy, UMG Recordings

A stan account replied to Cardi's tweet writing: "don't get beat up" and Cardi quipped back: "By who? Cause I'm 46 and 8th ave in NY in case somebody want to see me." A fan of Nicki then answered Cardi's tweet literally by showing up in the exact location which she tweeted about. Not only that, but they proved it by posting a video, saying: "I'm standing right here. I'm standing right here."

Cardi then clapped back. She said: "The fuck?" with a video in the same location demonstrating that the fan who responded to her was nowhere to be seen. She added: "See, I'm still right here just in case somebody wanna see me. Stop. Now leave me alone." The fan then sent another video saying: "Huh? Huh? I don't see you sweetie. I'm on the block pull up. Skr Skr where you at."

Confused, Cardi posted another video, accusing the Nicki fan of lying: "12:32, I'm right here, right here. What is this street? 46 and 8th? Waiting for you honey 'cause I don't see you. That shit probably old 'cause you ain't here." The fan and Cardi did eventually cross paths though. In a final video, Cardi can be seen confronting a whole group of Nicki fans from her stretch limo.

In the video, one of Nicki's fans tells Cardi: "We'll fight you". The original fan plays things down though by implying that he was just trolling Cardi: "It's like you troll, I troll". Less then impress, Cardi responds: "I'm not about trolling, I pull the fuck up".

Shortly after the incident, Cardi and the Nicki fan deleted all their tweets to each other. Meanwhile, Nicki and Karol G are yet to make any comments on Cardi's claims that Cardi was offered a chance to feature on 'Tulsa' before Nicki.

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