Nathan Sykes Turns Psychic And Predicts Futures Ahead Of The #CapitalSTB, Yes For Real!

5 June 2015, 09:15

Nathan Sykes

Turns out the 'Kiss Me Quick' singer is pretty nifty at reading fortunes and seeing the future.

There's a rumour going around right now that Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon overheard - because word on the street is that Nathan Sykes is a little bit of a psychic - yes some are EVEN calling him Nathan Sy-kics!! (We're sorry Nathan).

Apparently this hidden talent was so submerged that it was ALSO news to Nathan himself, as well as the rest of the world, but we thought we'd have a little psychic fun and put the 'Kiss Me Quick' star to the test anyway.

After receiving a text from Laura who's looking to find a man, she asks "will it be you [Nathan]?", "Yeah probably, I've been single way too long, I'm verging on desperate," Nathan revealed. You old romantic, you!

However one thing we don't need a psychic for is the incredible performance we're sure to be in for from Nathan at our Summertime Ball with Vodafone tomorrow.


Keep it Capital this Saturday June 6th for full live coverage from our Summertime Ball 2015 with Vodafone.

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