N-Dubz's Tulisa talks depression

The new X Factor judge has revealed she suffers from the illness.

The N-Dubz star has spoken in the past about mental health issues her mum has suffered, but Tulisa has now revealed she too has tough times.

"(It) can be quite bad and last days," Tulisa told the Metro.

The singer filmed a documentary last year called 'Tulisa - My Mum And Me,' which saw her open up about her mum suffering from schizoaffective disorder, a cross between bipolar and schizophrenia.

And talking at the the time the star of this year's X Factor judging panel said she feels depression can happen to anyone.

"My own feeling is that everyone has the ability to become depressed or go to a dark place..." Tulisa shared on the show.

"I have been through a lot for someone my age but it has made me strong and determined and I have to pray that is enough for me not to suffer the way my mum has."