N-Dubz Star Fazer Unveils Debut Solo Single 'Killer' – Audio

28 June 2012, 14:08 | Updated: 28 June 2012, 14:26

The rapper shows off his singing skills in the dubstep heavy track.

N-Dubz star Fazer has unveiled his debut solo single entitled 'Killer'.

The rapper shows off his diversity with huge a huge dubstep beat and an uptempo rhythm playing throughout.

The star is known for his rapping skills alongside Tulisa and Dappy in N-dubz but can be heard delivering vocals which fans may be unfamiliar with.

The track is a darker offering then that of his N-Dubz bandmates – who have both already tasted number one success with the likes of 'No Regrets' and 'Young'.

Fazer opens with the lines: "Cock back, lock and load. I got my aim, I'm ready to go. I hit the target, right where her heart is."

You can view a picture of Fazer in the video preview for the track below:

During the time of working on his own solo material, the rapper has also helped produce music for his former girlfriend Tulisa and has recently been in the studio with 'Glad You Came' stars The Wanted.

You can listen to Fazer's debut solo single 'Killer' below: