WATCH: Roman & Vick Pull The BEST Prank On Matt Terry, Leaving Him To Anchor The Breakfast Show!

24 August 2017, 07:43 | Updated: 23 October 2017, 11:11

Matt terry prank

He totally fell for it, too!

Imagine coming in for an interview on Capital and then being left to ANCHOR the whole show on your own when the hosts are back late? Well that's exactly what (kind of) happened to Matt Terry when he stopped by to chat to Roman Kemp and Vick Hope. 

We lured Matt to the studio under false pretences that he was only here for a normal interview... but little did he know that Roman and Vick had a few tricks up their sleeves... 

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When they got called away for 'filming', Matt was left alone in the studio with a very stressed producer who was counting down the seconds until the show was about to go live again... only Roman and Vick were nowhere to be seen. 

Obviously the only sensible thing would be to get Matt Terry to fill in for them, and his efforts to keep talking 'live' on Capital Breakfast were nothing short of hilarious! 

Click play on the video above to see what went down... 

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