WATCH: Martin Garrix Just Revealed Some Seriously Exciting News About A Bieber Collab

10 July 2016, 18:33 | Updated: 11 July 2016, 09:55

Martin Garrix at Wireless Festival

Ahead of his set at Wireless Martin Garrix caught up with Coco Cole backstage to talk all things 'Multiply' and of course, his blossoming bromance with Justin Bieber!

It was only a few weeks ago we saw the two hanging out on holiday, singing Taylor Swift throwbacks and just generally being BFFs. 

Martin explained, "We both have a super busy touring schedule, but whenever we have time we try and meet up and do normal things." 


So all this time spent together, surely it means a potential collab in the future right? Well Garrix has confirmed it himself! He said "There's some rough things going back and forth, one day, one day." 

Hell yeah! We couldn't be more on board with this track if we tried. Watch the video above to catch up on the whole chat. 


Garrix also took over our Snapchat whilst in our backstage studio, add us if you fancy having a ganders at that: 'CapitalFM'

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