Martin Garrix Losing His Cool Eating MEGA Hot Spicy Wings Is Our New Fave Thing!

21 October 2016, 11:41

Martin Garrix spicy wings

The number 1 DJ in the world comes face to face with the spiciest hot sauce in the world... but how does he cope?

First We Feast's YouTube channel has struck GOLD on a new interview format - getting their guests to answer burning questions whilst eating chicken wings... coated in REALLY spicy sauce!

This week's victim guest, the recently crowned number 1 DJ in the world - Martin Garrix!

The 'In The Name Of Love' DJ took on their Hot Ones challenge, and actually handled himself pretty well, despite ingesting some SERIOUSLY fiery hot sauce!

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You've got to watch the full video, just to see how fresh-faced Martin ends up losing his cool and ending up looking, well, like he's just done a 4 hour show!

We've got to admit, we love a bit of spice on a Friday, but this is taking it to the extreme!

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Hats off to Martin though, he handled it like a pro, and now we've learned two valuable life lessons whilst eating spicy food...

  1. Always keep at least a gallon of milk handy...
  2. Rolling your head is a perfectly acceptable way to handle the heat!

You can catch Martin Garrix (without any spicy wings) every Friday night/Saturday morning from 2am on Capital - download the NEW Capital App now!

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