WATCH: Louisa Belted Out Xtina's 'Dirrty' And It's Just As Good As The Original

20 March 2018, 10:12

Things are gonna get a little unruly.

Anyone who watched the twelfth season of 'The X Factor' will know that Louisa can sing anything you throw at her.

So after Roman Kemp heard her new song with 2 Chainz, 'YES', and caught how much it sounds like a Christina Aguilera ballad, there was only one thing for it.

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Louisa on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp

The 20-year-old belted out the lyrics to Xtina's 2002 tune, 'Dirrty', like an absolute pro. It's just a shame that Ro nor Vick Hope could live up to Redman's iconic bars.

We're going to be playing this from now until, about, 2022.

After Louisa caught her breath, we let her introduce her song on Capital Breakfast, but - with it being called 'YES', we thought she had to answer three questions; only being able to agree to them.

We may just be the best wingpeople in the world, after we sorta forced/got Louisa to go on a date with Will Manning. You're welcome, bud.

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It was up to Sonny Jay to become the 'YES'-man, and agree to everything this time round...