Lily Allen: "I Had Weird Dream I Was Harry Styles' Interior Designer"

24 July 2012, 13:35

The 'LDN' singer revealed that she dreamt about 'What Makes You Beautiful' star after eating steak for dinner.

Lily Allen has revealed that she has been dreaming about One Direction's Harry Styles.

The 'Smile' singer, whose father revealed recently that she is pregnant with her second child, said she had the dream after eating steak.

"I always have weird dreams after eating steak for dinner," she wrote in a message on Twitter. "Last night I became Harry Styles' interior designer (not a euphemism)."

Dreams were a topic on One Direction's mind recently when Liam Payne revealed that he often dreams about being naked at school.

"I dream of being back at school at lot and have been naked a few times," Liam revealed. "And I've been in the park naked on a climbing frame!"

One Direction returned to the UK this month to play a series of gigs and prepare for their second album release:

Meanwhile, Lily Allen's father said during a TV interview earlier this month that his daughter is currently pregnant. It followed reports that Lily was expecting her second child. The singer has yet to confirm the claims.

The 27-year-old recently tweeted several updates from the recording studio, where she is believed to be recording a new album.

Pink has also revealed that she has recorded a song with Lily Allen, which is expected to feature on her new album 'The Truth About Love'.