We Can’t Get Over Prince Harry’s Hilarious Reaction To Liam Payne’s Performance

13 March 2018, 11:16

Turns out Prince Harry and Megan Markle get the giggles just like us, but the person turning round to ‘shhh’ them is the Queen….

Liam Payne was chosen to perform in front of the Royal fam at the Commonwealth Day service and decided against his hits ‘Strip that Down’ or ‘Bedroom Floor’ in favour of some more mellow covers.

Sam Smith Just Accidentally Third-Wheeled Liam & Cheryl In The Weirdest Way

After an acoustic performance of John Mayer’s 'Waiting On The World To Change', Liam reached back to give his band a lil’ knuckle touch for doing such a good job.

*Cue a sudden camera pan that Prince Harry definitely wasn’t expecting*

Prince Harry turned to his wifey-to-be Megan Markle and raised his eyebrows in a very knowing fashion, which sent her into hysterics.

GUYS, the actual QUEEN is trying to listen to Liam’s saintly singing in peace, d’ya mind?

Jeez, couples.

We're glad Liam is finally getting the royal recognition he deserves and with Cheryl's Prince's Trust Charity, the power couple could give Harry and Meghan a run for their money! 

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Watch Liam Payne open up about what he and Chez argue about here!