Liam Payne Clapped Back At A Fan Who Called Him Trash On Twitter

20 March 2018, 17:28

Liam Payne Claps Back Troll Twitter

Liam Payne has hit back at a fan who called him 'trash' on Twitter and regretted it pretty quickly.

People love to tweet celebs, until they actually reply that is.

The Twittersphere kicked off for Liam Payne this afternoon as he lashed out at a troll who'd branded him 'trash' in a string of (unsurprisingly) since deleted tweets.

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The 'Strip That Down' singer pointed out to user @EmzzForzzz that she doesn't exactly have the most saint-like social media page in what was a pretty brutal clapback.

People quickly jumped to his defence and congratulated him for handling the situation calmly, whilst others found the whole thing hilarious...

 However, he quickly diffused the pretty heated situation and went on to say there were no hard feelings...

The wrath of Liam has been felt. 

Well, let that be a lesson people, the 1D boys DO see what you're writing to them, so in the words of Liam, stay classy!

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