Liam Payne's Lyrics Hint Cheryl Called Off Relationship In Touching New Track 'Depend On It'

24 August 2018, 14:59

Liam Payne Discusses Break Up With Cheryl On New Track 'Depend On It'
Liam Payne Discusses Break Up With Cheryl On New Track 'Depend On It'. Picture: getty

Liam Payne just dropped four new tracks for us to enjoy and one track 'Depend On It' touches on the breakdown of his and Cheryl's relationship and eventual break-up.

Liam Payne just dropped four brand new tracks that get pretty real with what went down between him and Cheryl, hinting it was her who instigated their split and the arguments they had before their separation.

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After announcing he was re-working the album after song of the songs felt like they were 'from a lifetime ago', the 'Strip That Down' singer settled on a four track LP which gives a taste of both life with Cheryl, and more recently as a single guy.

The lyrics talk about the breakdown of a relationship, saying:

"We used to be lovin', touchin', kissin', f-
Like our lives depend on it
How we did get to lyin', cryin', always fightin'
Like our lives depend on it
Why you lookin' at me with angry eyes
How we ever gon' make it out alive"

The couple, who have a one-year-old son, Bear, together, called it quits back in July, and Liam has been enjoying single life ever since.

Other lyrics from the song include: '"How could I know, what you had hiding there
Behind those fire eyes, but I'll make it worse with my wild words".

In another track, 'Slow' which is more upbeat than the previous, lyrics include: "know that we're broken, know this was over months ago".

Cheryl has also been busy in the studio recording new music, and it's a matter of waiting to see whether she'll discuss the break-up with Liam.

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