Louis Tomlinson defends Liam Payne following controversial Logan Paul interview

30 September 2022, 12:43

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Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw

"[Logan Paul] knew exactly what he was doing."

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Louis Tomlinson has defended Liam Payne following his controversial interview with Logan Paul.

Louis Tomlinson spoke on the Zach Sang Show about his former One Direction bandmate’s divisive comments. On Logan Paul's podcast, Liam claimed that One Direction was "built around him" and that he was the best-selling solo artist out of the five members of 1D. Liam also came under fire for some "offensive" comments he made about Zayn in the interview.

"It wasn’t too bad," Louis said. "When I first went online and I’d seen the fans… I was waiting for it to kick off".

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Louis Tomlinson defends Liam Payne following controversial Logan Paul interview
Louis Tomlinson defends Liam Payne following controversial Logan Paul interview. Picture: Louis Tomlinson via Zach Sang Show, Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Louis then explained: "We all make mistakes of having these judgements when we watch videos or whatever it might be. Let me say this job is fucking challenging at times, mentally very fucking challenging at times. And I know no one who’s listening to this wants to fucking hear that cause you know we’ve got it good, I appreciate that."

He continued: "All I will say on that is… which of those annoying Paul brothers was it? [Logan Paul] knew exactly what he was doing, the buttons he was pressing, and that’s what I took away from it. It just felt disrespectful. And they got so much out of it, as if he ain’t got enough already. I fucking hate them Paul brothers."

Louis ended by saying: "It just felt disrespectful, I’ll say."

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Fans have shared their thoughts on the new Louis interview, with many delighted that he appeared to confirm that there is no bad blood between himself and Liam. “LOUIS REALLY SAID DONT STAN ME IF YOU’RE A LIAM ANTI,” one Twitter user wrote.

“All i needed was for one of them, just one of them to stand up for liam and i KNEW it would be louis. i just hope this makes things easier for li bc he deserves the world [sic]” said another.

A third commeted: “louis acknowledging how logan and his friends are manipulators while still recognizing how liam didn't need to say that he's too true”.

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During the now infamous Logan Paul podcast episode, Liam claimed that a member of One Direction "threw him" up against a wall during a heated argument. The interview has now viewed almost 3 million times on YouTube alone.

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