Lewis Capaldi Fans Have Discovered His Stripper Inspired 'Grace' Video

21 May 2019, 13:43

Lewis Capaldi's 'Grace' music video is a modern-day masterpiece that not enough people know about.

Lewis Capaldi is undoubtedly the most loved artist in the music industry right now. Partly because of his dreamy songwriting and partly because he's got all the skills to be a top stand-up comedian.

And the best part is, Lewis' music video for 'Grace', which he released almost a year ago combines both parts in equal measure.

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Lewis Capaldi's 'Grace' music video has fans in hysterics
Lewis Capaldi's 'Grace' music video has fans in hysterics. Picture: YouTube/Lewis Capaldi

The music video sees Lewis front and centre in a male strip show where naturally he... sniffs the stripper pole and flaunts his dance moves.

With his single 'Somebody You Loved' becoming one of the biggest songs of 2019, many hadn't had a chance to see any of Lewis' older videos, until now.

And they are LOVING it...

We wouldn't expect anything less of Lewis at this point. One fan wrote, 'The music video for @LewisCapaldi - Grace is the most underrated video I have ever seen, the man is a genius' with another adding, 'Watching the video for Grace by @LewisCapaldi in the library wasn't my finest idea. Or was it? #imayhavesnorted'.

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