Lawson Reveal Band Origins In First Becoming Lawson Clip For VEVO Lift - Video

1 October 2012, 17:53 | Updated: 1 October 2012, 17:55

The 'Taking Over Me' star talk about the band's early days in the first episode of Becoming Lawson.

Lawson have kicked off their stint as the latest VEVO Lift artist by featuring in a new video charting their rise to fame.

Andy Brown, Joel Peat, Ryan Fletcher and Adam Pitts are seen reflecting on their recent chart success in the clip, as well as looking back on their early days when they first formed as a band and started performing across the country.

"We're having the time of our lives at the moment," singer Andy says, as the first part of the Becoming Lawson series begins. "Seeing ourselves in a proper music video, travel across the world to record our songs in LA, to sell out our gigs all over the country. We've come pretty far in a few years and there are a lot of stories to tell."

The band go on to recall how they first formed when Adam and Andy met through Myspace, before explaining how they went on to form as a four-piece band and eventually go on to become signed.

"I believe you don't get anything in this life for free, you have to work hard, and I think that's what we did for a good three years," Andy explains, of the band's early years together. "We just worked hard and we got our heads down and we did gigs and we learnt a lot as well."

Watch the first part of Becoming Lawson from their VEVO Lift week below:

The band have gone on to score two huge hit singles in 'When She Was Mine' and 'Taking Over Me', and will release their next single 'Standing In The Dark' on 14th October.

Lawson are set to release their debut studio album 'Chapman Square' a week later on 22nd October.