People think Lana Del Rey just shaded Camila Cabello's new 'Romance' era

2 September 2019, 16:03

Lana left a comment saying, "what the hell" on Camila's new ‘What Do I Know About Love?’ video - now she has clarified what she meant.

After changing all her social media artwork last week, Camila Cabello announced a brand new music era called 'Romance', alongside a short teaser trailer asking fans to "surrender to the drama."

Camila also teased her new album cycle with a video titled ‘What Do I Know About Love?’ where she recites poetry about what she's learned about love in her 20s (despite only being 22, lol) while rolling around a forest and a beach.

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The whole thing looks absolutely stunning but there's been a bit of confusion on social media following an Instagram comment from Lana Del Rey and a now-deleted tweet from Halsey. Together, they both lead fans to think they were calling out Camila's new visuals for copying their previous album aesthetics.

People think Lana Del Rey called out Camila Cabello's new music era
People think Lana Del Rey called out Camila Cabello's new music era. Picture: @camilacabello via Instagram, Karwai Tang/WireImage

After Camila shared her poetic monologue and visuals to Instagram, fans were quick to let her know how much they loved it. The comment section was all fun and games until Lana left a comment saying "What the hell".

Lana fans were quick to jump on the comment, pointing out that Camila appeared to have 'taken heavy inspiration' from Lana's spoken word 'Ride' monologue.

But, as pointed out by several people on the internet, Lana and Camila are actually friends and there doesn't seem to be any beef between the two – they were apparently seen out having coffee recently. Lana has also been leaving a lot of comments on Camila's IG recently too.

Was it more of a "what the hell, this is literally amazing?!" or a "what the hell, this is literally what I did in 2012?"

Lana Del Rey's comment on Camila Cabello's new era visuals has confused fans
Lana Del Rey's comment on Camila Cabello's new era visuals has confused fans. Picture: @camilacabello via Instagram

Following the reaction to her comment, Lana has now responded and has set the record straight. Writing under a fan post on Instagram, she said: "I meant what the hell in a good way, as in it's so good."

Honestly? Same Lana. Same.

It wasn't just Lana's comment that fans thought was pulling Camila up on her aesthetic for her new era either. Halsey posted and deleted a tweet reading "ohhhh so it’s just hopeless fountain kingdom but not. okaaay."

While she later explained that she "just posted a 2 year old draft by accident," fans immediately thought it was in reference to the similarities between Camila's new visuals and Halsey's HFK Romeo + Juliet vibes.

But anyway, back to the point in hand... New Camila music is coming. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

[This post was edited to add Lana's response to the rumours and speculation.]