Kelly Rowland's 'Here I Am' Content Had Label Bosses Nervous

2 December 2011, 09:12 | Updated: 2 December 2011, 09:30

The 'Down For Whatever' singer says her record company was originally concerned her album lyrics were too sexy.

Kelly Rowland says her record label bosses were initially worried about the raunchy content of her new album 'Here I Am'.

The X Factor judge released the follow-up to her 2007 release Miss Kelly earlier this week, and says the lyrics of album track 'Lay It On Me' had some people worried.

"It reminds me of being in the bedroom and getting down," Kelly told the Daily Star. "A few people around me were nervous about that song.

Kelly claims she was under pressure to choose a specific genre while recording the new LP but eventually chose not to be confined to any one style of music.

"Some people were telling me, 'Just do a dance album', and others were saying, 'Just do an R&B album,' but I'm just doing whatever I want to do."

The 'Down For Whatever' singer filmed the video for her next single 'Keep It Between Us' in Paris last week and has promised fans it is "a lot of fun".

Kelly has also confirmed plans to tour her new album in 2012 and admitted she would be keen to have her acts on The X Factor join her as support.