“I Miss The Old Kanye & Hate The New Kanye”: Yep, Kanye West Has Been On A Rant Again

1 April 2016, 10:23

Kanye West

Could he possibly have said ‘Kanye’ any more often?! He’s defo worn those keys out on his keyboard.

We’re used to seeing Kanye West going off on one about something, whether it’s on Twitter or at an awards show, but his latest rant has to be the best one yet… because he’s ranting about himself.

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Yep, Kanye took to Twitter last night to post a series of statements about missing the old Kanye… and repeated his own name a solid 25 times. Anyone else think the K-A-N-Y and E keys on his computer are probably worn away by now?

Well, it looks like the rant may serve a dual purpose… as he them posted a link to ilovekanyesong.com which may mean they are all lyrics to an upcoming track. Sneaky!

Kanye writing a song about Kanye? That’s SO Kanye. Kanye. Kan… nope. 

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