Justin Timberlake shows Scarlett Johansson his sexy back... again?

After the raunchy scenes together in his music video, are JT and Scarlett hooking up for real?

The saucy video for 'What Goes Around... Comes Around' a few years ago saw the pair all over each other, and rumour is they're now reuniting for some real action.

Justin and Scarlett were spotted partying at posh New York club Kenmare earlier this week and onlookers were treated to some serious PDAs.

"They hardly looked at their mates when they went to dance because they were so into one another," a source spilled to The Sun.

"Contact seemed very natural to both of them."

Justin, who split from girlfriend Jessica Biel earlier this year, left the club ten minutes apart from Scarlett, who recently split from actor Sean Penn.

But the pair reportedly went back to JT's apartment and at 10am the following morning Scarlett was said to be seen doing the walk of shame out of the pad wearing last night's clothes.