Justin Timberlake Reveals Movie Workout Routine

12 June 2012, 12:49 | Updated: 12 June 2012, 12:55

The 'Sexy Back' star admits it's difficult to keep to the same weight when he is filming for a role.

Justin Timberlake has revealed details on his workout routine which he implements during filming for his movies.

The 'Cry Me A River' singer told GQ that he avoids the catering on set as he has no way to monitor exactly what his intake is.

"You have to ignore the catering," he admitted. "It seems like a pain, but it's really not that hard to monitor your own calories once you get it down. Plus, sometimes I can up my intake because I'm working 12-hour days and burning a lot more energy, especially on a movie like In Time, where it was so physical."

The former N*Sync star revealed that he would be open to adopting a more "unhealthy" diet if the role required it.

"I'm sure that there will be a project where I need to look unhealthy; I'll have to figure that out when the time comes," he confessed.

During filming, he also admitted that he keeps a varied exercise regime and finds keeping to the same weight often a tricky task when making a movie.

"Sometimes I wake up and stretch and do 20 minutes on the treadmill, or anything to just break a sweat. And then I have the weekends where I can get out and play nine holes and maybe go to the gym.

"So I try and moderate it. It's kind of like running a marathon. The hardest part about making movies is staying the exact same weight every day and looking the same."

Meanwhile, the musician turned actor is said to be making a return to music as the film composer for his fiance Jessica Biel's upcoming film The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.