JLS - The Club is Alive

Watch the latest video from JLS and see what the boys get up to in the club...

Anticipation for the video has been huge. Judging by the song title, we were hoping for some serious dance action in a club and the video delivers.

Our favourite bits:

  • 0.34 - Marvin draws a magic box in the air and inside it we can see Oritse breaking out some hip-focussed moves with the ladies.
  • 1.10 - When the beat drops in the video actually wobbles as the bass is so strong. Don't worry folks, JLS have the same effect on everyone's computers!
  • 1.43 - No backflips from Aston this time around, but he's got another trick up his sleeve.
  • 1.55 - Just after Aston sings about 'meeting in the corner' Oritse has a very cheeky look on his face. What's he been up to with these girls?
  • 2.28 - JB sporting a jacket which seems to have been made from a Union Jack.
  • 3.01 - Did we say no backflips from Aston? Sorry, there he goes!
  • 3.11 - Champagne spilling on the floor as the beat kicks again. Don't spill it on your shoes, ladies, it's terrible to get out of suede.
  • 3.42 - The boys sign off by Oritse lobbing his hat at the camera.

What are your favourite parts of the video? Let us know in the comments section below...

What do you think of JLS - The Club is Alive? Let us know in the comments section below: