Marv & Rochelle - the new 'Posh & Becks'

2011 is set to be a sparkling year for Starboy Nathan.

The R&B star who has already supported JLS has just finished a support stint with The Wanted.

The 24 year old has enjoying chart success this year with 'Diamonds' which he would love to become an unofficial song for the Royal Wedding, “I’m not gonna lie, that would be an honour. People have been on twitter saying when they think of diamonds they think of Kate and Wills, making that comparison, I’m just privileged, caught up in the hysteria, it’s a Royal Wedding! I’m just really excited and for my song to even be mentioned in the same breath is pretty wicked."

Nathan also been chatting about another celebrity couple, namely his good friend Marvin (from JLS) and Rochelle (of The Saturdays), "I’ve known Marvin since we were 13; we went to the same drama school. The other guys I just met recently to be honest, they’re really nice. I’m close with all of them now, especially Aston, we always talk on BB."

And Nathan added that Marvin is in a good place at the moment, "He’s loving it, loving life. Me and my best friend Miles made a discovery about Marv, he’s so relaxed that he never moves fast, like slow motion, I love it. I think they’re the new showbiz couple, like the new Posh and Becks, they definitely have it in them."