JLS' Aston And The Saturdays' Vanessa Party Hard

Aston from JLS looks after a tipsy The Saturdays' Vanessa on a night out in London.

Marvin and Rochelle hit up Niall from One Direction's 18th birthday celebrations in London this week, and they brought along their single bandmates to the party.

But in the style of Cinderella, after the bash a tipsy Vanessa lost her shoe in the street as she tried to climb into a cab.

Lucky for her a real life Prince Charming in the form of JLS' Aston was there to help her out.

Frankie, Mollie and Una were nowhere to be seen, but that could be because Una has announced she's pregnant!

Check out the photo of Aston and Vanessa on their night out below...

Vanessa and Aston