Jedward to record with Vanilla Ice

For many of us they were the highlight of X Factor, and they got the crowd jumping on both nights of our Jingle Bell Ball.

But according to a story in today's Sun, John and Edward Grimes will be teaming up with Vanilla Ice for their debut single. 'Ice Ice Baby' was a huge global hit for Vanilla Ice back in 1990. The single sampled the bassline from 'Under Pressure' by rockers Queen. John and Edward famously performed a mash-up of 'Ice Ice Baby' and 'Under Pressure' on X Factor so it seems like a match made in heaven.

Louis Walsh told The Sun: "They are beyond excited about working with Vanilla Ice - I've never seen them so excited."

While we can't wait to hear the single, we'd love to know how much the John, Edward and Vanilla will be spending on hair gel between them.

Are you looking forward to the first single from John & Edward? Let us know in the comments section below...