Panic! At The Disco Fans Have Been Stealing From The ‘House Of Memories’ Museum On Tour

16 August 2018, 13:08

Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie. Picture: Getty / @PanicAtTheDisco

By Mia Collins

This is fucked up.

Panic! At The Disco fans have been stealing rare memorabilia from the band during VIP tour experiences, and everybody has had enough.

As part of some tour packages, fans are allowed to explore the ‘House Of Memories VIP lounge’, an area which displays tons of iconic souvenirs the band has collected over the years. From exclusive photos to props from music videos, it’s awesome that fans are allowed to get up close and personal with these items. However, this might not be the case for much longer.

It’s been reported that some of the pieces on display have been taken by fans who are desperate to own a piece of the bands history. So far, it has been reported that three items have been stolen (two of which were allegedly later returned, but that’s besides the point). The items include a rare polaroid of the band from 2007, the robe lead singer Brendon Urie wore in the music video for ‘Victorious’, and an AP award. And let me tell you, the band are VERY pissed about it.

Zack Cloud Hall, tour manager and security guard for P!ATD, tweeted the following:

"An extra special fuck you to the person that stole the Polaroid from one of my HOM cases today. I took that photo of Brendon and Ryan when we were out to dinner in 2007. This really bums me out.

Update: the picture was oddly returned to me. I don’t fully understand but I don’t need to. Thank you to the person who got it back to me. Guys I want to share all of this stuff with you that I have held onto over the years but you make it so hard when you keep taking it from me."

This was followed by the official ‘Puppet Brendon’ account - a kind of alter-ego for Urie in the ‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It’ music video - tweeting about the situation as well:


I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that theft is a crime, and stealing from a celebrity is no different, but this situation goes beyond that. Everybody wants the opportunity to feel close to the musicians we love, but how can we expect to receive those experiences when a small minority of fans disrespect them like this?

Fans are in-agreement and they’re tweeting their annoyance over the thieves ruining the tour experience for everyone else.

Ya'll mad.

Some Panic! At The Disco fans have been called out previously for disrespecting the band, by mobbing Brendon Urie at Sydney airport, and one girl even going as far as to show up at his house. Brendon also had to cancel stage door appearances during his run on Kinky Boots because they started to get too intense. On the whole, the Panic! fandom is pretty respectful, and these fans only make a small minority of the community. Having said that, it wouldn’t be totally unreasonable for the band to close the ‘House Of Memories’ to avoid any more of the items going missing. Let’s just keep our hands to ourselves, okay guys?