Hayley Williams calls out trolls for trivialising her mental health issues

14 April 2020, 15:56

Hayley Williams shows fans home workout for her new single ‘Over Yet’

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Do not seek out random opportunities to be a dick on the internet."

Hayley Williams has been busy trying to boost our spirits during quarantine by sharing a home workout video for her fans set to her new song 'Over Yet'. While the Paramore star has been ensuring we remain upbeat during lockdown with her energetic moves, sadly, people are out here just trying to bring her down.

Hayley has revealed that she takes much-needed breaks from social media because of the vile comments directed at her.

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On Twitter, the singer explained how she has been struggling with depression lately alongside a response that she had received underneath her positive video.

Hayley Williams 'Over Yet' workout video
Hayley Williams 'Over Yet' workout video. Picture: @yelyahwilliams via Instagram, @yelyahwilliams via Twitter

She tweeted: "I’ve been majorly depressed the last few days, so i took a short sm break. came back to see this real reply to the 'workout routine' video that i posted (on a good day, mind you)… now is NOT the time to shame ppl for their fleeting(!) moments of joy [sic]."

Hayley added that it's not the climate to be critical of the mental health struggles of others considering we're in the midst of a very worrying pandemic. She continued: "Now is also not the time to be skeptical of anyone’s battle with their mental health – which i also see a lot of on social media. Just be a fucking nice person right now. try empathy if that’s not something you’ve given a chance. try activism... take your frustrations there.

"For the love of god, do not seek out random opportunities to be a dick on the internet... maybe ever... but especially not in this critical moment [sic]."

No-one deserves this kind of negativity, especially when they're trying to spread positivity during this time. She continued: "I want to be able to read responses to posts. i want to be present. i want to connect. and i dont want to feel shittier for that [sic]."