Hayley Williams is releasing a new solo album Flowers for Vases // descansos tomorrow

4 February 2021, 11:50

Hayley Williams releases Flower for Vases : descansos teaser

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Paramore's frontwoman is back with more solo music. Here's everything we know about Flowers for Vases // descansos.

Hayley Williams is giving fans everything they want. Her new album Flowers for Vases // descansos drops in under 24 hours.

Last month (Jan 22), Hayley Williams fans began noticing clues suggesting that the Paramore singer would be releasing new solo music imminently. First things first, she set up a new website called flowersforvases.com, then she began sending fans mysterious packages in the post and, on top of that, she also asked a fan to leak a song called 'My Limb' on the internet.

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Now, Hayley has confirmed the theories by revealing that her new project Flowers for Vases // descansos is out tomorrow.

What does descansos mean?

Hayley Williams Flowers for Vases // descansos: Everything we know about the album so far
Hayley Williams Flowers for Vases // descansos: Everything we know about the album so far. Picture: @yelyahwilliams via Instagram, Atlantic Records

Last night (Feb 3), Hayley tweeted: "FLOWERS for VASES / descansos - 2.5.21", alongside some stunning artwork. Flowers for Vases appears to be a connection to Hayley's 2020 solo album Petals for Armor, perhaps suggesting that it's a sequel, and "descansos" is a Spanish word which literally means: "crosses placed at the site of a violent, unexpected death".

Fans have also noticed that Grimes has responded to Hayley's tweet with a sword emoji, implying that the two artists have possibly worked together on the album. If that weren't exciting enough, people have spotted an alleged tracklist for it on Genius, which features 14 songs including tracks named: 'My Limb', 'Trigger', 'Find Me Here' and 'Descansos'.

We can't wait to hear what Hayley's been working on.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear the album?