Harry Styles Attended A Yoga Session With A Fan & The Story Is Intense

15 October 2018, 15:06 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:19

A fan has taken to Twitter to spill every single detail of a hot yoga session she attended with the one and only Harry Styles.

One Direction hunk Harry Styles attended an L.A yoga session recently and an unsuspecting fan, Rachel, who was in attendance tweeted every single moment after they finished the class.

And thank god she did! Because the story is absolutely glorious!

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Yes. The man you see above goes to yoga class, a hot yoga class might we add. Imagine this... actually, we'll let Rachel take it away (and excuse the language - but she did just meet Harry, so you know):

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Rachel was quizzed by several other Directioners about the finer details. For example, she was asked whether or not they spoke to one another. To which she replied:

Of course, we're all wondering why Rachel didn't get a photo with Harry?! But, respectfully she decided that if she were to take a photo during the class it would be pretty rude. So, like any true fan, she waited outside but to no avail!

What an incredible story! And yes, we are all 100% jealous of you right now Rachel.