Harry Styles fans are convinced he is about to release a new album

30 November 2021, 12:17

Harry Styles wins Grammy for Watermelon Sugar

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Harry Styles appears to be dropping hints that he's about to launch his HS3 era.

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Harry Styles fans think that he's just begun teasing a brand new album campaign and they may actually be onto something.

Ever since Harry Styles released Fine Line back in 2019, fans have been desperate for the 27-year-old to release a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed project. Not only was the record a huge commercial success, topping charts all around the globe, but it also spawned five hit singles and cemented Harry's status as one of the biggest artists in the entire world right now.

Harry has just wrapped the US leg of Fine Line's tour and fans think that he's dropping hints that a new era is upon us.

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When will Harry Styles release his third album?

Harry Styles fans are convinced he is about to release a new album
Harry Styles fans are convinced he is about to release a new album. Picture: Anthony Pham via Getty Images, @thisishannah via TikTok

In a viral TikTok video, Harry Styles stan @thisishannah wrote: "OMG THE BEGINNING OF THE BLACK AND GREEN ROCK ERA," alongside a pic of Harry wearing a black leather suit and green feather boa to the 2021 Grammys. She then pointed out that he changed the colouring of his US tour dates announcement from pink and black to black and green in July.

On top of that, Hannah spotted that the last outfit that Harry wore for the US leg of the Love on Tour on Sunday (Nov 28) was also black and green. He also added fan favourite unreleased song 'Medicine' to the setlist of his three last shows. Could Harry be hinting that a new album inspired by songs like 'Medicine' is coming soon?

As it stands, Harry is yet to state anything official about when he will release new music but there were two years between the releases of his first album and Fine Line, and it's now been two years since Fine Line came out.

Fans also noticed that, after his tour ended, Harry took to Instagram to write: "This tour felt like the celebration of coming back together. I won’t ever forget it. Thank you all so much for the love, I’ll see you very soon."

Based on Harry saying "I'll see you very soon", HS3 could drop any day now.

Who has Harry Styles worked with on HS3?

At the moment, there's no official information on who Harry's been in the studio with since Fine Line. He wrote most of Fine Line with Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson and Jeff Bhasker so it's possible that he's teamed up with them again. Harry actually co-wrote 'Medicine' with Tyler, if he's considering releasing it on his next album.

That being said, Harry could be working with a whole new team for a whole new sound. As it stands, Harry hasn't released any collabs as a solo artist, so it seems likely that HS3 will also be a completely solo project.

What is Harry Styles' HS3 tracklist?

Again, we know nothing about the HS3 songs just yet but we shall update you as soon as we do.

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