Maya Hawke gets caught lying about stanning Harry Styles in hilarious lie detector video

20 September 2022, 16:50

Harry Styles explains what Watermelon Sugar is actually about

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

"I don't like 'Watermelon Sugar', that's it! I just don't like that one song."

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Maya Hawke just admitted that she doesn't really like 'Watermelon Sugar' after lying about Harry Styles in a lie detector test.

Last week (Sep 16), Netflix released their new teen film Do Revenge starring Stranger Things' Maya Hawke and Riverdale's Camila Mendes. Do Revenge has received widespread acclaim from viewers and critics and, to promote the movie, Maya and Camila have been doing multiple press interviews including Vanity Fair's popular Lie Detector Test.

Throughout the test, Maya and Camila quiz each other on everything from whether Camila thinks the High School Musical trilogy is the greatest trilogy of all time to whether Maya thinks that Steve and Nancy belong together in Stranger Things. While they answer their questions, they are attached to an actual lie detector test.

For the most part, Maya and Camila tell the truth but one of Maya's lies about Harry Styles is now breaking the internet.

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Maya Hawke admits she does not like Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles in hilarious lie detector video
Maya Hawke admits she does not like Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles in hilarious lie detector video. Picture: Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images, Vanity Fair

During the test, Camila asks Maya if she would like to give Harry Styles a makeover. In response, Maya enthusiastically says: "It would be my honour. I'm not saying I think I have anything really to add. I think his fashion is amazing. I would just enjoy hanging out in a closet with him, dressing him up like a little doll." The test then confirms that Maya is telling the truth.

Camila asks Maya if she's a Harry Styles fan and Maya hesitates before saying: "Yes!" The lie detector test claims Maya is lying. Flustered, Maya says: "I love 'As It Was'. I'm saying that I'm kind of a new fan of the music, an old fan of the acting, and a huge fan of the person, as a whole, and the way they exist in this world and are contributing to the world."

Maya finally admits: "I don't like 'Watermelon Sugar', that's it! I just don't like that one song. Ah! Sorry, Harry!" It clearly is playing on her mind too because, after answering various other questions, Maya ends the entire interview by saying: "I'm feeling so bad about this Harry Styles thing. I really like Harry Styles."

You can watch Maya's answer at 14:50 to see here full response.

Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes Take Lie Detector Tests | Vanity Fair

Naturally, the internet is living for Maya's hilarious response and her getting worried over the thought that Harry's fans might think that she has disrespected their fave. One person tweeted: "she can’t relax bc people on the internet will drag you left and right for not liking a song." Another wrote: "dont let them silence u bae".

One fan also jokingly tweeted: "the way she worded it is simply rude. she could’ve say like “not yet” or “still didnt” but the way she said it, it seems like “i haven’t and what about it” . idgaf about maya but i wont bear if anyone disrespect harry music."

Don't worry Maya! It's okay not to like a song.

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