Every song on Harry's House ranked

24 May 2022, 17:34

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

From 'As It Was' to 'Late Night Talking' this is how we rank every song on Harry Styles' new album.

It's official. Harry Styles' new album Harry's House is finally here but which song is the best and how do we rank all of them?

Ever since Harry Styles announced that he would be releasing his third studio album Harry's House this year, fans have been eager to find out what the project would sound like. After becoming one of the biggest artists in the world with the Fine Line era, all eyes were on Harry to see what he would do next. How do you follow up Number 1 hits like 'Watermelon Sugar'?

The answer is, of course, you release an even bigger album. 'As It Was' has already broken many streaming records as the project's lead single and, ever since Harry released Harry's House in full last Friday (May 20), all 13 tracks have dominated streaming and download charts globally. Not to mention, the LP has received the best reviews of Harry's career.

With that in mind, now that we've had a couple of days to process the album, we've ranked every Harry's House song.

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Harry Styles: Every song on Harry's House ranked
Harry Styles: Every song on Harry's House ranked. Picture: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM, Columbia Records

13) Boyfriends

Now, this is a Harry Styles album so it's important to state that there isn't a bad song on Harry's House but 'Boyfriends' falls first. It's a beautiful ballad about how men are trash and it sounds even more beautiful when Harry sings it live.

12) Love of My Life

Ending the album with a song about how the UK is the love of your life? Inspired. It's not as emotional or euphoric as other songs on the record but the rousing, epic production make it the perfect closer.

11) Grapejuice

Harry has never sounded more like the second coming of The Beatles than on this song and he wears it well. Understated lovestruck excellence.

10) Daydreaming

This is fun. A gorg wee love song about a relationship being so good it feels like a daydream. Harry sings: "Give me all of your love, give me something to dream about" and, well, if you insist Harry, who am I to say no?

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Harry Styles - Daydreaming (Audio)

9) Daylight

'Daylight' is about a past relationship where you were head over heels obsessed with someone but they weren't giving you the same energy. A charmingly relatable song that gets better with every listen.

8) Music For a Sushi Restaurant

This is how you open an album. Amazing synths, jazz style ad-libs and some blush-worthy lyrics. Petition for more albums to open with lines as horny as "Green eyes, fried rice / I could cook an egg on you".

7) Little Freak

Never have the words "little freak, jezebel" sounded so sweet. 'Little Freak' is a song about self-sabotage and the one that got away. A touching Harry ballad that sits right up there with the likes of 'Falling' and 'Cherry'.

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Harry Styles - Little Freak (Audio)

6) Satellite

'Satellite' is the kind of song that may pass you by on first listen but the more you listen to it, the more you fall in love with it. It starts slow but it gradually swells into something grand and brilliant. A true dancing-with-tears-in-your-eyes moment and the bridge is nothing short of transcendent.

5) As It Was

The bop that started it all. 'As It Was' may be a viral TikTok hit now thanks to its addictive production but, at its heart, 'As It Was' is a bittersweet song about the passage of time, a topic which hasn't been captured so well in a pop song since One Direction's very own 'Night Changes'.

4) Keep Driving

Life is hard and the world is often a terrifying place but 'Keep Driving' is about tuning out the noise around you and finding joy in a relationship. It's subtle, it's romantic and only Harry Styles could make the line: "Cocaine, side boob / Choke her with a sea view" sound so dreamy.

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Harry Styles - Keep Driving (Audio)

3) Matilda

An incredibly moving ode to a friend who's been through so much that pain has become normal to them. 'Matilda' is a warm hug from someone when you need it the most. It's no wonder that it's already one of the most popular songs on the album.

The way the chorus lyric switches from: "You can throw a party full of everyone you know / And not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love" to "You can start a family who will always show you love". No. I'm not crying. You are.

2) Late Night Talking

The obvious single on the album and a natural successor to 'Watermelon Sugar'. 'Late Night Talking' is a classic love song with old-school, brass production that makes it sound like you've known it all your life.

Harry's introspective moments are exquisite but he really shines when you can hear him having fun on a song. 'Late Night Talking' is 2 minutes and 58 seconds of pure joy. A future wedding anthem.

1) Cinema

'Cinema' is the best song on Harry's House and arguably the sexiest song that Harry has ever released. From the confidence of Harry's vocals to his delivery of "It's you" at the start of each verse, everything about 'Cinema' is hypnotising.

The melody of "Tell me what you want and you got it, love" in the post-chorus is magic and the way Harry sing-screams "Baby you're cinemaaaaaaaaaaa" in the ad-libs in the outro is electrifying. A sex bop for the ages.

What's your favourite song on Harry's House?

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