Harry Styles Fans Are Tweeting About This Security Guard

25 April 2018, 17:33

Harry Styles Security

Whilst camping out ahead of one of Harry's Australian tour dates recently, fans bonded with the coolest security guy of all time!

When it comes to security personnel, they regularly do a great job keeping fans safe at live shows... but then there's George.

George is no ordinary member of security staff and ahead of Harry Styles' epic live gig in Melbourne, he became a total icon.

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Taking to Twitter, 17 year old Harry Styles fan Sarah Davenport (@esnymirrors) from Melbourne told her followers, 'george from security has been so accommodating, making us laugh and smile whilst looking after us while we queue for the show tonight. we all chipped in to buy him a tour shirt and we had a group hug'.

George clearly made the waiting fans experience even more special and Sarah told us exactly what happened in the lead up to the brilliant fan gesture ahead of Tuesday's show.

"I got there on Monday, but some girls had been waiting out there since Saturday! George brought us sweets, helped us play pranks and people were taking selfies with him. He was realy good with us and so nice," Sarah told us.

"We were really getting to know him and he made a side comment saying that the merch was cool, so some of us girls chipped in with our left over change and bought him a shirt. People put in between $2 - $10 each."

"There were girls from all different states across Australia there and we all became friends. George was just so nice and he definitely made the waiting experience so fun."

Sarah managed to get three hours sleep on a railway bridge outside the venue during her 22 hour wait before the show, but many fans had already been there for several days.

Having someone around to keep the area safe and just be an all round great guy too must've made it even more of a show to remember for everyone in attendance.

We're pretty sure Harry will be so thankful to George for all his efforts in looking after fans and he'll definitely be happy to see him wearing a bit of tour merch, that's for sure!

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