Who is Harry Styles' goddaughter? Ruby Winston's voice features in 'As It Was'

1 April 2022, 10:59

Harry Styles releases trailer for new album Harry’s House

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Who is Ruby Winston? Ben Winston's 5-year-old daughter speaks at the start of 'As It Was'. Here's the story behind the adorable voice note from Harry's goddaughter.

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Harry Styles is back! The HS3 era is finally upon us! The first single is a bop! And now we finally have an answer to the question everyone's been asking: Who is the child that speaks at the start of 'As It Was'?

At the start of Harry's new single 'As It Was', a young child's voice can be heard saying, "Come on Harry, we want to say goodnight to you!"

As soon as the song dropped, fans starting sleuthing around for any kind of clues as to who the voice belonged to. Now we have an answer and Harry has explained the adorable story behind what it means and how it ended up in the song.

Who is the kid talking at the start of Harry Styles' 'As It Was' song?

Who is Ruby Winston? Harry Styles' goddaughter speaks at start of 'As It Was'
Who is Ruby Winston? Harry Styles' goddaughter speaks at start of 'As It Was'. Picture: Columbia Records

The child speaking at the start of 'As It Was' is Harry Styles' goddaughter Ruby Winston.

In an interview with Capital Breakfast, Harry revealed the adorable story behind Ruby's voice note and how it eventually ended up in the song.

"It’s the voice of my goddaughter, she used to try and call me before bedtime every night and one time it didn’t ring or something so they sent me that," he told hosts Roman Kemp, Sian Welby and Sonny Jay. "I dug it out when we were in the studio and put it in front of the song for some reason and I kind of just fell in love with it so it stuck."

Fans also spotted that Ruby's name is also mentioned in the credits for the song in its YouTube description.

Harry Styles - As It Was (Official Video)

Who is Ruby Winston?

Ruby Winston is the 5-year-old daughter of The Late Late Show and Grammys executive producer Ben Winston.

Ben and Harry have been friends for years. As well as directing a handful of music videos for One Direction, Ben also directed the band's documentary film, 'This Is Us,' back in 2013.

Ben was also executive producer alongside Harry for a TV series called Happy Together, which was loosely based on the time Harry spent living at Ben's house while he was on tour with 1D.

Ben Winston's daughter Ruby is Harry's goddaughter
Ben Winston's daughter Ruby is Harry's goddaughter. Picture: Getty

In an old picture that fan have resurfaced since Harry confirmed that Ruby was the voice featured on the song, Harry can be seen holding his goddaughter (when she was a baby) during a recording session for his debut album. And now she's the first voice we all hear at the start of Harry's third era!

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